Annie Bee’s Cambie Dress!

Cambie dress

Voila! It’s finally finished! My sister asked me to make her a Cambie way back in May – She bought the fabric and the pattern in June, and I… I got it 75% finished and then left it on the dressform for a month! 

Cambie dress

It’s finally finished though, and I’m relieved to report that it fits perfectly! Anne says she normally has a tough time finding tailored dresses that fit her hourglass figure, so I was really happy that the Cambie fit the bill! 

Cambie dress

Of course, we did make some alterations! When I did a practice run of the pattern for myself back in June, I changed the bodice into a princess seams so that it would be easier to to do an FBA for Anne. For her, we raised the waist an inch, and used Tasia’s tutorial for a straight neckline. 

Cambie dress

The dress is made from a light grey linen, with the bodice lined with thrifted bedsheet and the skirt lined with, well, lining! 

 I love the Cambie in some ways – It’s so well planned, and it’s a beautiful shape. On the other hand, I hate not knowing if it will fit until the very end of the sewing process! I usually sew really simple garments in bright prints that hide all manner of flaws, so sewing a more complex pattern in a solid colour was a bit of a challenge! Seeing it on Anne makes it all worth it though… which is good, because we already bought fabric for a second version! 

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