Cottage Time!

By time you read this, I’ll be here: 


(Well, not that cottage exactly, but in fact, a better one!) 

Every year, Jamie and I join some friends who rent out a massive 100-year old cottage on a beautiful lake. It’s my favourite part of the summer, even though it usually marks the transition into work and autumn. I’ll be in at school the day after I get back… but man, those three days at the cottage will be GREAT!

In preparation, I finally got around to refashioning a plaid shirt of Jamie’s. I’m really craving cosy clothes, and this was a cheap was to make myself something new!

plaid 2

Honest truth? It was so much harder than I expected! It always looks so easy when other people refashion menswear, but man, this was a challenge. I used body pieces from the Sewaholic Alma blouse, since I had them all traced out.. but decided not to do the vertical darts. 

The thing is, Jamie is so tall that the original arm holes went way lower than I wanted my new ones to go. I ended up doing a ridiculous patch job in the underarm just to bring the armscye up higher! 

I took the sleeves and sleeve cuffs in, and did a terrible botch job recutting and insetting the sleeve… and somehow the horizontal darts ended up at my waist! Ummm, shapely! 

plaid shirt 1

But damnit, it’s comfy, it’s cosy, and I’m excited to lounge on the dock in my brand new plaid! 

Have you ever refashioned a men’s shirt? How did you find the experience? 

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