Truthy Tuesdays: Getting over a bad day

Everywhere I looked online today, people were talking about bad days. Or that’s what it felt like, at least – In reality with was only three posts, I think! The thing is though, I was having a rough day for no apparent reason, so of course, I was looking for all the advice I could get! 

(Mah Kitteh)

On the one hand, Suzanne from Notes from the Patch talked about “playing the glad game” – being grateful for all the good things you’ve got. It’s something I try to do, but sometimes knowing that I’m lucky doesn’t negate the stresses that are making me blue. As my husband’s drama teacher told him once, your own luck or other people’s misfortune doesn’t make your feelings any less legitimate! 

My name-twin, Gillian from Craftzilla Conquers the World, wrote a post participating in “Truthy Tuesdays” (more about that later!) about she cheers herself up: laugh at yourself, get out for a change of perspective, and talk with someone you trust. As I read her post I was out running a few errands to try to cajole myself out of a funk, so that’s definitely a strategy I share! Gillian was inspired to post by her friend Pocky, who also blogged some good advice!

(Have you heard of Truthy Tuesdays? I just came across it today, but it sounds cool! It’s run by the Maven Circle, who have posted a different thought-provoking discussion topic for each week. If you post about the topic, you can link back to their site to joint he wider discussion. Today was about cheering yourself up, and next week will be about finding simplicity in life.)

Reading those posts helped me reflect on what I do to cheer myself up. At this time of year, the looming return to school always hangs a bit heavy, added with the financial strain of not getting paid for 2 months, and all the other adventures of life. I know blogging is usually an oasis of positivity for most of us, but I really enjoy when other bloggers ‘fess up to their humanity from time to time. I hope you don’t mind if I do that same!

Here are my personal strategies for beating the blues: 

#1: Food, delicious food! 

Let’s be honest: Sometimes a treat is all you need to feel better. 

#2: Distraction. 

When I’m down, I love to curl up onder a feather duvet and watch TV on my computer. Today I chose one of my all-tim favourite shows: Time Team! Nothing like a bit of archeology to take your cares away! It stops my brain from circling over the same worries, and ta-da! I feel ready to handle anything. 

#3: A Cuppa. (More like a bowlful!)

My family likes big mugs… and a giant cup of sweet tea always helps!

#4: Simple crafting. 

Something foolproof and creative can be really relaxing. For me, that might be needlefelting or hand stitching. (That is, until the needlefelting needle snapped today and I couldn’t remember where my refills were!

#5: Talk. Cry. Talk some more. 

My extended family has more than its fair share of anxiety and depression, and talking is one of the ways we cope. I always know that no matter what, Jamie will talk me through anything! It’s always a big relief to vocalise what I’m feeling, and have someone put it in perspective for me. 

How do you cheer yourself up? We talk a lot in blogs about losing and recapturing our sewing mojo (or Sewjo, as Mela called it today!), but how do you recapture your general joie de vivre

*P.S. Bonus #6: Sounds horrible, but gently pulling back the cat’s fur around her face creates the most HILARIOUS bug-eyes cat faces that crack me up every time! I swear, no cats are harmed in the making of silly faces, and she gets plenty of treats after!

**P.P.S. I should say that I’m feeling better now! Huzzah! 

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