On my mind today…

Just a couple of random things:

  • Victory Patterns came out with 4 new designs!  Yesterday I mentioned in my post that they have a very vintage aesthetic… well, that’s gone in the new patterns, which are very modern, chic and urban. Interesting change! The designer, Kristiann, is from Toronto so I’m hometown proud. Not sure any of the patterns are for me, but I think they are great nonetheless!
  • Sarai asked for design suggestions for upcoming Colette collections – and I see some of you have already posted about some of the ideas we shared last week! If you haven’t yet, go over and give your two cents! I think it’s great that she’s asked, and I’m happy to see lots of people asking for the same things we talked about: jackets, knits, and shirtdresses! 🙂 
  • My Sewaholic Alma pattern arrived in the mail, and I’m thinking about making a wearable muslin from the skirt of my too-girly, poorly-fitting rose Cambie! It is one of the only things I’ve sewn that really didn’t work for me, so I’d be happy to give the fabric a different chance to shine!

I’ve got three sewing goals for the next few days: 

1. Refashion a folk-festival tee for my Mom using the Renfrew pattern

2. Make a colour-blocked Go Anywhere dress using this very bright, slightly gaudy Amy Butler fabric from my stash, with robin’s egg blue side panels! I’ve never loved this fabric (bought it online ages ago) so it might be awful – but it might be fun, but it’s worth a shot! 🙂


3. Make a modified Peony/Macaron hybrid with Anna Marie Horner’s Field Study Poppy print. Since I spent my money on the Alma pattern, I definitely can’t justify buying Macaron for the Sew-Along. As I lay in bed last night though, it occured to me to use the same idea as my Two-Tone Sorbetto to create a two-tone dress with a curved line over the bodice instead of a sweetheart neckline. More frugal, and more my style! Just have to choose what solid colour to use on the shoulders… There are so many colours in the print to choose from! 🙂 

What do you have on your sewing table?

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