Sewing, but not much to show for it!

I’ve been posting a lot about patterns lately, but haven’t had much to show for my time in the craft room! I have done two muslins of the Sewn Go Anywhere dress, and I think it’s got potential. The XL was too tight on my hips though, so I had to draft myself an XXL (What woman doesn’t love doing that?) which was, of course, too big! I’m going to try version 3 tonight, and then hit the fashion fabric. Enough messing around! 

Cotton & RicRac Coasters

I did finish off 4 more sets of coasters for sale… Precise sewing like this always makes me miss the gloriously long seams of making clothes! I think they look cute though, especially all wrapped up for sale: 

Cotton & RicRac Coasters

I have to give credit for the design to Nana Company though – Her lovely delicate coasters were the inspiration for my slighter brighter and bolder designs! I feel bad even making something so similar for sale… but on the other hand, can such a generic design be property of just one person? I hate dealing with copyright issues… We’re all so tied together through blogging and Pinterest inspiration that of course we are going to come up with very similar work! I don’t want to rip anyone off or get in trouble… nor can I ignore the voices in my head saying, “You could make that!” 

*Edited: I should point out that Amy from Nana Company made hers and sold them once, as far as I can tell… They aren’t for sale now. Mine are only sold locally in a shop, (also one time only, because I didn’t love making them!) so we’re certainly not in competition! Also, the construction is all my own design – I don’t know how hers are made or if they have padding inside, but mine do!*

How do you handle the fine line between inspiration and copying/stealing? 

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