Popular Patterns: The Next Generation

So, what’s next??? That’s the fun question. Colette and Victory Patterns both put out teasers this week about new patterns soon-to-be-released… and Sewaholic has been turning out new patterns faster and faster, so even though the Alma blouse just came out, I’m already wondering about what comes next! I’ve got a few ideas, but I’m hoping you’ll chime in with your predictions too! What do you THINK the indie companies will release next, or what do you WISH they’d release?

(Image from the Coletterie. The clothes above are older patterns that will be part of the photoshoot for new looks!)

Pants: Sarai has already hinted about wide-legged pants, so I’m guessing that will be one of the fall releases from Colette… and the blouses sewn above seen to confirm it! I’m not that into wide trousers, but I can see where it fills an empty niche.

Cardigans: I’d LOVE to see a draped or man-style cardigan pattern from Sewaholic. She made us love knits with the Renfrew, and now I need something to wear over top in winter!

Blazer: You know, I could see the need for a great blazer pattern. The sort of thing that could be a fall jacket, be worn over a dress, or go with trouser or a skirt at work. It’s certainly a piece of clothing that a lot of women wear, and I can’t think of a version from an indie company! (except maybe Gertie’s from the Craftsy course, but word on the street is that there are some wonky things about that pattern!)

Those are my (uninformed) predictions/requests – What do you think?

Bragging rights go to the people whose predictions turn out to be true!

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