Today in Pictures

I’ve been doing a lot of long wordy posts recently… so today I’m going to let the photos do the talking! 

washi fabric

Look what arrived in the mail today! I heard last week that the Washi line is being discontinued, so I jumped on line and finally bought some! I got 2.5m of the grey tape print for a dress, and 1/2m each of the two other prints. The colours are just as beautiful as I hoped! 

photo (27)

While I was ordering from Pink Castle Fabrics, I had, I just HAD to buy a few other things! I got 1/2m of each of these prints. I love them all, and they all coordinate so nicely together! 

leopard renfrew

I’ve been saving a bunch of knits in my stash for far too long, thinking that I might use them to make and sell stuff. Now that I’ve given up on that idea, I decided it’s high time to put my stash to good use! This turquoise leopard print from was the only peice large enough to become a Renfrew with cowl… that that’s what it became! 

Jenn and I tall

This is my life-long friend who is quickly becoming a sewist! (Hurrah!) She came over and used my serger to make this pompom cowl (like the ones I sell), and today she started on a Renfrew of her own. It’s fun to have a sewing buddy!

Jenn and I short

Remember what I made that striped coral maxi skirt for a tall friend? Well, this is that friend! She graciously let me feel tall, for one pic at least! We went to a Shakespeare in the Park performance of Macbeth tonight. Perfect weather, good friends and family, and sewing. What a great life!

I have to say that since I decided not to sell at a craft fair this summer, the stress has melted away and I’ve really been enjoying every day. I’m even *starting* to think about prepping for my new class in the fall! (No actual reading or prep has occurred yet, you understand… but just thinking about it feels like progress!) 

I’m sending good vibes out at all of you, and hoping your summer is going as well as mine! 

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