Handmade goodness, but not for me!

Howdy! I’ve been sewing up a storm lately (summer vacation!!!) but not blogging much… partly because I’ve been making a lot of gifts lately! Now that the gifts are given, here are a few of the things I’ve been working on: 

My Sister’s Birthday:

Happy Birthday, Anne!

I didn’t quite finish the linen Cambie I’ve been working on for my sister, so instead I whipped up a few t-shirts for her birthday. The purple one is a very stretchy jersey with a digital print of knitting, which she actually bought on our fabric run in June. I finally made it up for her – That’s barely a gift, isn’t it? It looks great on her though! (And from the picture above, I’d say her husband agrees! 😉

The cream-coloured shirt was even more, um, cost effective: It was one of her favourites in the early 90’s back when t-shirts were humongous! I guess we all liked it, because my Mom saved it all these years. Luckily it was *just* big enough to squeeze out a Renfrew! It has some discolouration from age and wear, but I hope it gets to enjoy a second life as pyjama shirt!

A Friend’s Birthday: 

Happy Birthday, Jenn!

My first maxi-skirt! This one is a stretchy rib-knit maxi skirt made for my best friend. Can you tell she’s a little taller than I am? 😛 I had her waist measurement from back when  we sewed a dress together in the spring, but I didn’t have a measurement for her height. I figured a jersey skirt was perfect: No hem, so I made it long and we chopped off the excess. (In the end, we cut only had to cut about 5cm off the bottom… I am such a midget!) It was SO easy to sew: Serge two side seams, serge on elastic, and done! 

Wedding Shower:

Cute apron sewn by my Mom!

Confession: I didn’t make this apron, butI had to show it off! Isn’t it cute? My mom put it together, and did a lovely job. It was part of a shower gift for my cousin’s fiance. I hope she likes it!

This is only Mom’s second project using the serger and my Japanese sewing machine. (I forget my machine is all labelled in Japanese until something goes wrong or someone else uses it! Then a little English would be nice!) She asked me to finish it with a button hole for the adjustable strap… so I had to figure out how to make button holes! With a little help from the internet, it was SO easy. I don’t know why I dreaded button holes quite so much! 

Goodies for Sale: 

This one is a Work-In-Progress… I have more to make, and some aren’t even handsewn shut.

From time to time I sew some things for a local boutique, and this time she’s asked for some pillows. I’m really enjoying sewing simple shapes (No darts! No swayback adjustment!), and trying to keep to a simple Zakka aesthetic. Lots of linen, balanced out with fun pompoms! 


And there we have it! Lots of sewing, but no big blogable projects. What’s on your sewing table these days?

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