This is Laptop. 

Turquoise Seeksucker Truffle

Sewing blogs these days are full of adorable, helpful kitties who love to hang out in the sewing room. Not Laptop! For starters, she’s not allowed in the sewing room for fear of her eating threads… and secondly, the only feeling she seems to have for all things sewing-related is distain! Here she is, judging me as I head out to take pictures of my turquoise seersucker Truffle. Silly humans. We do the strangest things!

Turquoise Seeksucker Truffle

So here it is! A while back I asked for your advice on how to finish this dress, and almost everyone agreed that it needed some waist definition. I settled on this thin white bias tape because it felt nice and summery!

Turquoise Seeksucker Truffle

I’m really happy with how this dress turned out in the end! It took me a week or two after I finished it to even want to wear it… but now I’m sold. I like the way the stripes change direction on the draped peplum, and it all fits well. I lengthened the skirt about 2 inches, which makes it a better length for work than my original Truffle dress

turq truffle collage

Like many of my dresses these days, the bodice is lined with bedsheet and the skirt is lined with, um, lining. The seersucker is lovely to wear. I spent a bit of extra time on matching up the stripes on the darts, but really, the “belt” saved me from matching the skirt and bodice stripes. Hurrah!

Turquoise Seeksucker Truffle

Strange as it sounds, the reason I didn’t love this dress at first was that I couldn’t figure out how to accessorize it. When I took these photos, I threw on a lovely turquoise necklace that Jamie gave me a few years ago… but since then I’ve been trying other accessories too. Some chunkier, some more delicate… I’m debating wearing this dress to a tea party/wedding shower party on the weekend, and I still can’t quite figure which shoes or necklace to wear! Have you even finished a garment only to realise that you don’t know how to style it? 

One last cat pic – by the time we finished our photoshoot, she was hunkered down by the house, giving us the squint of displeasure… or is that possible happiness in her eye?

Turquoise Seeksucker Truffle

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