My 30th Birthday! (AKA. How I know that I picked the right husband!)

You’ll have to excuse me yet another not-sewing-related post, but it’s officially my first day of summer holiday today, and I’m excited to catch up on blogging the past month!

I turned 30 this month, and got to celebrate my birthday in Canada for the first time in a few years. We had a lovely family BBQ with my parents, my in-laws, and my sister’s in-laws…

bbq collage

I received not one but TWO gift certificates for the local fabric store, and my sister’s MIL gave me to big boxes of sewing notions from her stash! Woohoo! I’m so lucky that everyone supports my sewing so much! 

But the big thrill of the night was my husband’s gift! You see, he’d been making cryptic comments and asking sneaky questions about music and memories from my past for days… and then spent an entire 8-hour day locked away in his study doing something secret! I was dying to know what it was, and he was really nervous about whether I’d like it… Clearly no need to worry, as this next photo sequence shows!

birthdya opening collage

He made me the most wonderful, thoughtful collage of the first 30 years of my life! We only met 4 years ago, but he’s clearly been listening to all of my random anecdotes over the years, because ever detail was just perfectly perfectly planned!  The basic structure is a tree with a branch for each 5 years of my life. The tree is made of turquoise silk from my stash, and the leaves are cut from free records that came with magazines! It’s the perfect blend of him and me. 

Birthday collage made by my husband!

Here’s a tour, starting at the roots… There are all kinds of hidden messages and secrets, but I’ve tried to explain a few of the details!

Birthday collage made by my husband!

…and the top half, representing our time together…

Birthday collage made by my husband!

…and finally, the top left: our wedding last year, and Jamie himself.

Birthday collage made by my husband!

I wish I could explain it all as eloquently as Jamie does – Sometimes I forget that he’s an English teacher at heart as well as a Drama teacher! This collage means the world to me though, and I won’t lie: I’m tearing up right now as I type! I just love that he put time and effort into making me happy, and thought of every little detail and significance. (For example, the branches at the top representing our relationship, profession and passions grow out past the frame to show how we’ll continue to grow together! *Tear!*) He also made me a mix CD of songs from each era on the tree, which was a great soundtrack to me week! Money is tight this year, but this free gift was absolutely perfect.

I hope this doesn’t all sound too cheesey… I’m just damned proud of my man. (He knows I’m blogging this, and was rather pleased to be important enough to show off to the world. Um, duh!) The collage is hanging in our room now, and makes me happy every day. Thank you, my darling!

Enough of this sappy stuff – Now for some pictures of a truly ugly dog! 

cayuga collage

The weekend after my birthday we had a lovely time with our generation of the family down at my in-laws house in the country. 

Thanks for sticking with me through this long post – I hope that your summer has begun well, and lots of floaty sundresses and short shorts are in your sewing future! I’m heading down to the sewing room for most of the day today, and hoping that I’ll have a maxidress Parfait by the end of it! 

How does your family support your sewing habits? Do they “get” it? 

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