Some things are just meant to be!

Folks, meet Sarah: 

Ottawa St Blogger Meetup!

Same smile, same nose, same head tilt, same expression, and same fashion sense… Despite the purple hair, she looks more like me than my sister. And yet somehow, we are strangers meeting for the first time! 

Last weekend, a very geeky sewing dream came true: to meet a sewing blogger in real life. Oh yes, it’s true – I have a REAL-LIFE sewing friend! I’ve always been rather jealous of the British and American bloggers who get together by the dozen to fabric shop, swap patterns, and coo over each other creations. I try to follow every Canadian blogger that I come across, but we are few and far between. 

Lucky for me, I realized during the Colette Sewalong that one of the hosts, Sarah from Rhinestones and Telephones, actually lives just 2 hours from me in a city near where my in-laws live. When Sarah bemoaned the lack of sewing meetups in Canada, I knew we had to meet!  A few tweets later, plans were made and a shopping date was set!

(How amazing is this comic dress of Sarah? I love her attention to detail and the fabric placement… plus I admire the all-out commitment to being a proud seamstress and nerd!) 

On Saturday, we finally met up. We arrived both wearing turquoise sundresses, and too excited to eat! We hit the shops straight away, and only stopped when our eyes became too glassy to focus on any more cheap loveliness! Sarah is more organised that I, and she’s already blogged about it here.)

Remember last week when I asked about wearing clothes made from recognizable fabric  while fabric shopping? Well, you all told me to do it, and I did! 

Ottawa St Blogger Meetup!

You were totally right – It was way more fun! Thanks for the pep talk. 

Of course, massive stacks of fabric were bought…

Ottawa St Blogger Meetup!

At the front there, I’ve got coral and navy stretch denim to try making pants; graphic floral linen for a maxi dress; polka dots for a blouse; Navy floral lawn for a Parfait; and some white cotton for underlining. Towards the back, Sarah has some really cute fabric for her daughter, some classic seersucker gingham and stripped shirting, and a really cute (cheap!) floral. Added bonus: We both wore green purses with our turquoise dresses! 

Of course, the shopping was fun… but the best part of the day was finding out just how much we share in common. Some of it superficial and funny, some of it profound. It took me a day or two to process some of our conversations, but the whole experience was reassuring, inspiring, and helpful. Thank you so much, Sarah, for a wonderful day! 

One last picture to end off: Apparently I’m not the only one interested in fabric!

Ottawa St Blogger Meetup!

Have you met with other bloggers before? What was the experience like? 

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