Fabric Shopping Fashion Faux-Pas?

I’m packing for a weekend away, and this question keeps plaguing me: 

Do you wear homemade or RTW clothes when you go fabric shopping? And would you ever wear me-made clothes to the shop where you bought the (recognisable) fabric? 

(My denim dress is me-made of fabric from this store, but I figured no one would be able to tell since I sewed with the fabric inside out!) 

I’m always afraid the clerks will be judging my shoddy seams and wonky fit when I wear me-mades… Though I’m sure they have better things to do! I never wear recognizable fabric to the store where I got it, which is getting tricky since most of my stash comes from the only fabric store in town! 

What do you think? Is it time for me to get over my hang-ups? 

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