Summer is hot, and the sewing is easy…

It’s hot in Canada this month – hotter and more humid than normal. (Though still cooler and less humid than Japan!) Part of my school are air-conditioned, and parts aren’t… as I tend to jump around and wave my arms like a fool when I teach, so I sweat even in winter! 

Which leads to my newest, fastest make: Sleeveless Pendrell #5! (Or is it #4? One was a disaster. Does it count?) 

*Editors note: OMG, it’s #6! in 3 months? That’s… horrifying? Amazing? I just don’t know!)

The 5th Sleeveless Pendrell!

It is made of some… umm… fabric. Of some sort. Rayon? I bought it this spring because it matches my spring palette completely. It was a shifty little devil to sew, but if I was less lazy, I would have spray starched it! 

The 5th Sleeveless Pendrell!

From start to finish, it took 70 minutes! I like how this one falls into slight cap-sleeves… I’ve got to remember to make this an actual design feature, not just as accident of poor fitting! It’s far from perfect, but it’s absolutely wearable. 

The 5th Sleeveless Pendrell!

Uh, not like this though! Without a belt, it’s frumps-ville. With a belt or tucked in, everything is fine! 

I’m starting to wonder if coworkers will notice I wear versions of the same shirt so much… but really, who cares? Not me, and not them – I’m sure they’ve got other things to think about! For the record, here are my previous versions: 

Me-Made Pendrells

Do you have any patterns you’ve made an embarrassing number of times?

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