Pattern Storage!

First things first – Thanks so much to everyone for weighing in on how to finish my seersucker Truffle! I took your advice, and the dress is just waiting for a final press and some thread trimming before I take pictures. It was so nice to wake up to all of your lovely comments overnight! Merci!

Pattern Storage. It’s a bit of a mystery to me. I mean, those tissue sheets NEVER fit back into the envelope, and then there’s my traced pattern, and sometimes a muslin… Once that project is finished, where does it go? So far, the answer has been: On the floor, with all the other patterns and fabric scraps! 

That was all well and good for the first few months… I’d clip the pattern pieces together, and pile them up somewhere… but with more complex patterns, I’m getting paranoid that I’ll loose something important! 

Enter my dollar store solution: Plastic envelopes! 

Each envelope is big enough to hold the original pattern and instructions, as well as my traced and modified version. I had fun labeling and illustrating each pattern using a Sharpie – though I don’t imagine that the fancy labeling will continue every time I make a pattern! For now though, it was fun, and my patterns are all neat and safe for when I need them next.

(However, to my great shame, I missed a letter in one pattern. Did you see it? Did it drive you nuts? Grrr.) 

So, how do you organise your patterns? 

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