Sartorial Advice, Please!

Hi! Last weekend I started a version of the Colette Truffle in turquoise and white seersucker. 

It’s almost finished… but I’m torn on the finishing details. I have some bias tape that is a perfect match for the turquoise, so I wondered about using it to break up all the tiny stripes… but I’m not sure what looks best! Can you help me?

Here are a couple of the options I’ve played around with: 

I like having a defined waist usually, so something belt like is my go-to… but on the other hand, maybe the diagonal lines of the drape are more flattering if I’m not broken up into lots of little pieces! I don’t have a big “statement” necklace that would work, but making one is another option… or just wearing a belt sometimes! (I do have a turquoise belt, and a white one too!) Or something else entirely?

What do you think? (This is totally reminded me of getting ready to go out with a bunch of girls – I love having second opinions at my beck and call! 😉 

Thanks, ladies!

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