Worldwide Knit-In-Public Day!

Saturday was Knit In Public Day… and my sister Anne’s local yarn store, Shall We Knit, had a big open house event. Even though I’m not a knitter (since it gave me carpal tunnel 7 years ago), it was really fun to see other people geek out over their beloved hobby! (So that’s what I must look like in a fabric store! 😛 )

Soak Collage

Are you familiar with the brand Soak? It’s a Canadian brand which is sold worldwide. It’s a gentle wash for wool, lingerie, and other delicates. They recently released these awesome gift boxes with wool, a knitting pattern, nail polish, hand cream, and Soak wash in coordinating colours! Anne was the hand model for this turquoise colourway, so we had to recapture the image! (Sigh. Why don’t I have her elegant hands?)

Shall We Knit Collage

Squee! Look at the rainbow-y goodness!

Indigo Dragonfly Collage

There was a dye demo by Indigo Dragonfly, and the yarn was auctioned off for charity!

Tents were set up outside the yarn store, so we ate goodies and I watched people knit! (Anne made me guess what 3 ingredients were in these yummy squares! The answer: Ritz crackers, condensed milk, and Skor bites. Surprisingly delicious!) Can you tell I’m wearing one of my Peony dresses? It was a cold rainy day, so no sundresses for me!

We finally rounded off the day with a visit to a local historic house, where our friend Erin works as a reenactor! She was a terrific host, and told us all the cool details about the textiles in particular. (Erin is also the sewist and knitter behind Robot A Day!)

A wonderful day – Thank you, Anne, for being a great host! 

P.s. Oh yeah – and of COURSE I went fabric shopping! Found a little something for Jill, and I’ll pop it in the mail this week! 🙂 

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