Another repeat!

It seems these days I don’t want to dig into new patterns… Just keep cranking out the old ones! My first new garment since Me-Made May is another two-toned Sorbetto!

Ikat Two-Toned Sorbetto

This si actually the original fabric that inspired the two-tone design. When I bought this faux-ikat fabric a month or two ago, I cheaped out and only bought a metre. Unfortunately, my hips are too wide to get a Sorbetto out of a straight metre. Thus, the two-toned shirt idea was born. 

Ikat Two-Toned Sorbetto

I’ll be frank – It’s terribly made, and i don’t care! The black bias tape I used as facing was too wide and therefore pulls at the fabric and shows… I didn’t finish the seams inside… and the navy is super cheap broadcloth. Oh well – It was comfy and cheerful to wear, and I got compliments from my new coworkers! 😉 

Ikat Two-Toned Sorbetto

My photog told me to spin, so spin I did! Sadly, this shot reveals the unfortunate truth about this design – my %$#@ bra straps show! I guess I took out too much width from the back shoulders in an effort to stop it gaping, and now my straps show with my shoulders roll forward. I had the same problem with my previous version, and I forgot to fix it. 

Tomorrow is Worldwide Knit In Public Day, and I’ll be joining my sister and some knitterly friends in Waterloo. Too bad there is no such thing as “Sew in Public Day”… Or is there?

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