Me-Made May Reflection

What a month! I struggled the first week and lost a big of momentum somewhere in the middle, but overall I’ve loved my first Me-Made May! I’d watched from the sidelines before, but actually taking part was so much more fun! 

At the start of the month, I did a round-up of all the Me-Mades that I could wear, and proposed an extra challenge for myself: Japanese For Crafters! Each day I introduced a sew-related word or phrase in Japanese, and challenged the Flickr group to try using it in the comments.

Japanese for crafters bar

The original goal was to have a prop to make me feel less foolish posing every day – and I was more than a little worried that people would be annoyed that I was bending the structure of the challenge. To my relief, people in the Flickr group got right into it! The word-of-the-day led to some neat conversations and always motivated me to take and post a daily pic!

Here’s what my month looked like: 

MMM'12 Wrap Up!

As a teacher, we talk a lot about engaging students in meaningful discussions. While everyone loves a good compliment, I love to see people digging a little deeper! Another hot buzzwords in teaching right now is “effective feedback” – giving immediate, concrete, and meaningful feedback right away. The flickr group provided just that! A daily boost of confidence, some helpful and kind advice, and a push to continue doing your best! It certainly helped me grow and challenged me to constantly raise the bar.

MMM'12: New Garments!

During the month, I finished 8 garments, including one for my Mom! As you can see, it was exclusively doubles: Two Sorbetto, 2 Licorice dresses, 2 Renfrews, a second Truffle skirt, and a first of two Cambies! It made sewing fun and easy to repeat the same pattern, and meant that I was able to expand my wardrobe quite a bit during the month! 

Another benefit of the month was that I grew much more comfortable in front of the camera. My husband was a huge help: He hopped out of bed early every morning to takes pics, and did silly things while shooting to make me relax! 

Here are a couple of my favourites: 

MMM9 Mosiac

MMM6 The devil on my shoulder...

Sense a theme? Thanks, babe, for all your support! 

Strange as it might sound, the photo component also helped with my self-confidence. I’ve never felt very photogenic, and yes, I slouch, blink constantly, and pull a lot of odd faces during photos… but taking 20-50 pictures a day helped me come to terms with how I look from different angles. Sometimes Japan made me feel a bit sumo-sized, but looking through my pictures and clothes, I really quite like myself. Thanks, sewing! 

The final thrill of MMM was having so many people join in on my proposal to thank Zoe on the last day. I loved reading everyone’s reflections on the month (Told ya – I like instigating meaningful discussions!) I’m so glad it worked out!

MMM31 / Japanese for Crafters

(The final day, dressed in Nautical Zoe-tribute!) 

Arigato (thank you) to all the MMM participants, and the people who supported us! 

Matta rai-nen! (See you next year!) 

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