You are the cat’s meow! (AKA. Giveaway time!)

Lovely readers, today all your comments made me feel like this: 

Actually, the whole Me-Made May made me feel like this! 

Forgive me for speaking in internet animal (Come on, it’s totally a language, right?), but it seems the best way! 

I started this blog back in November as a way to reach out past my little town, to express and motivate myself. I didn’t start sewing clothes until January (It’s true! Check back in the blog history!) When I participated in OWOP at the End of March, I only had made multiples of one pattern… and now here I am, at the end of May, with a closet full of colourful me-made clothes and new connections to sewists around the world!

Now, one of the nice things about having a teeny tiny blog is that it’s easy to recognize and get to know the people who follow. I really appreciate that anyone would take the time to comment – After all, we’ve never met, and probably never will! Nonetheless, I’ve “met” the loveliest people through the online sewing community, and it’s time I said thanks!

Which brings me to a spur-of-the-moment, celebratory “you make me happy!” giveaway: Leave a comment below telling me about your own experience in the blogosphere sewing community. I’ll draw one person at random, and go shopping for 2m of fabric that just screams their name! In a week or two, the fabric will be winging it’s way towards them. (Consider it a test of how carefully I follow your blogs in return! I can’t promise anything amazing, because my Ontario shopping options are limited, but I’ll try for something fun that reflects the winner’s style! 🙂 

Don’t be shy – Comment away! 

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