I feel pretty, oh so pretty! (Aka. The Floral Cambie)

O hai! I made a Cambie. 

Cambie Dress, Version 1!

And it makes me do things like this: 

Cambie Dress, Version 1!

Uh, yeah. This is the most ulta-feminine dress I’ve ever made, and I’m not sure how to feel about it! Its made from a thrifted bedsheet, which should make it totally casual… but somehow even the black border can’t balance out the polkadot/floral/sweetheart girliness. 

To make matters even more fem, I changed it into a princess bodice: 

Cambie Dress, Version 1!

When I made a muslin, it was clear that the darts were never going to be enough to shape it over the bust. Pinning in some extra darts from the top down helped, but I figured that with only 2cm between the top and bottom darts, i could do it more elegantly with a princess line! I’ve never converted a pattern before, so I’m glad it worked. My sister is *cough* rather more endowed than I, so fingers crossed the princess seams help with the FBA! 

Here’s the back: 

Cambie Dress, Version 1!

I think it’s a brilliant design: sundress from the front, full coverage in the back! It was a bit scary to sewing in the lining without know if it all fit yet, but it all worked out! As a confirmed “pear”, Sewaholic’s patterns always work well for me! 🙂 

I cheated a bit with the skirt because I wanted to use the border print. I just hacked off the length of the skirt, gathered it with the serger, and sewed it on! (I’ve actually never done a gathered skirt before… I started out doing Gertie’s “zigzag over string”method, but hated spacing out the gathers. Serging was much less accurate, but fast!

Cambie Dress, Version 1!

However, even with bust adjustments and re-sewing the straps shorter, the bust still gapes! (Go ahead, take a look up above! I won’t tell! :P) I actually made the straps so short that I had to lower the armpit after the whole thing was finished. Why does it gape? Gaping is NOT ladylike! 

Here’s the problem: Where the heck am I going to wear this dress? It makes me thing of the pretty dresses with giant lace collars I used to wear to birthday paries when I was 8. I love the pattern, but I don’t know how to make it less frou-frou. The black belt was the best I could think of, but I’d welcome accessory suggestions!

By the same token, I have fabric to make another version in a light, drapey faded grey-blue with white polka dots. Is that going to equally girly? Should I ditch the fun gathered skirt and make the more boring a-line? HELP!

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