MMM/Japanese for Crafters, Day 27-29

Two more days of MMM to go, and I’ve got a new dress to wear! Not sure what I’ll wear on the last day though – Seems like a day for something special. But what?


MMM27 / Japanese for Crafters

Tsukurimashitaka? = Did you make that? 

I was hoping to wear my new Cambie dress for a backyard BBQ this day, but of course, it was cool and rainy! Instead, I’m wearing one of the Renfrew t-shirts that I made earlier this month. MMM has been a great motivation to make some comfy clothes! 


MMM28 / Japanese for crafters

Kantan = Easy / Muzukashi = Difficult

(Oh look! It’s almost the same photo as yesterday! Greaaaaaat.)

I’m wearing two of the most kantan projects ever: an appliqued t-shirt and a me-made pendant! I love easy projects which are all fun and adrenaline. Anything muzukashi usually ends up in the UFO pile (aka. strewn all over the floor) as soon as I get frustrated. I really, really love finishing projects, and I’m not a perfectionist, so my sewing is usually slightly half-assed! I quite frequently challenge myself to make things as fast as possible without making them completely awful. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t! 


MMM29 / Japanese for Crafters

Yatta! = I did it! or We did it! or Finished! or Yahoo!

Back before MMM started, I brainstormed what Japanese words I’d use. I remember filling in the last couple of days with congratulatory celebration words – but I can’t believe I’m here using them already! I really am proud of everyone who participated. It might be a silly internet challenge to some, but it really takes effort and dedication to stick with it! I definitely lost motivation a couple of times, but I’m happy to have completed my first me-made month. Yatta!

(Oh yeah – I’m wearing a Pendrell and  Truffle skirt! And my brother-in-law’s hat, for no reason but to make me laugh!)


I would definitely participate in another me-made month. How about you? If you didn’t participate this round, would you give it a try someday? If you did participate, how would you change your challenge next time? 

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