MMM/Japanese for Crafters, Day 23-26

I cant believe it, but I’m actually still finding new garments to wear for MMM! I thought by now I’d be repeating HARD… But here goes: 


MMM23 / Japanese for Crafters

Tanoshi = Fun! 

Do you ever look back to your pre-sewing life and wonder, “What did I do with my free time?” I mean, until I started sewing garment… I did sew, and I did other crafty things… I certainly went to a lot of fabric stores, but I tended to buy fat quarters and just add the to my stash! What did I actually sew? I can’t remember. 

Nowadays, sewing is definitely my tanoshi activity of choice. I put on loud music, and get so into it that I’m dizzy and slightly shakey when I emerge a few hours later! Is the weird? Do you get like that too? Of course, it helps that i don’t have kids, so I have lots of free time! 

I don’t wear this Meringue skirt much, but I do like it. I think if I took the waist in a bit so that it sits higher, I would like it more! (Of course, then it might get a bit short for work!) It’s a soft, thick quilting cotton from Japan. I’m glad I went with giant rik-rak instead of the full Meringue scallops, because this way I never have to iron it! 


MMM24 / Japanese for Crafters

Ganbatte = Good Luck / Do your best!

Ya’ll, Today was interview day. Now, I tend to really enjoy interviews (perverted, I know!), but I hate the lead up, when you wonder if you’ve prepared enough! I wore my new Licorice dress, which looks like this: 

Sleeveless Licorice Dress

… but as luck would have it, this is the day I’d promised my Grade 3 class that we would dress as pioneers and roleplay life in a one-room school house! So up until 10 minutes before I walked into the interview, I looked like this: 

Can you see my Licorice dress peaking through at the collar? The bell rang, I striped down to my dress underneath, and bolted out the door! The good news is that the kids LOVED it – When my voice and manner changed, so did theirs! They sat up straight, stood to give answers, marched in and out of the classroom to a beat… They all had to write a standardized test for most of the day, but they came wearing their “pioneer” clothes anyway: a vest here, a skirt or poncho there, girls with hair in braids. They were really thrilled, and I was happy that I’d put the extra effort in! Plus, the anecdote in the interview couldn’t have hurt, because I got the job! 🙂 Yay!


MMM25 / Japanese for Crafters

Shinsetsu = Kind (as in “kindness”) 

After all the good wished and “ganbatte!” messages that people left on my pre-interview pic from the day before, I wanted to thank the MMM community for being so shinsetsu. That goes double for you reading my blog… I really appreciate your comments and encouragement! It has been a real treat to get to know some of you a little better and start to join more actively in the amazing sewing community online! 

(And oh yeah – I’m wearing my Truffle/Ginger denim skirt!) 


MMM26 / Japanese for Crafters

Daisukina = Favourite

Can you tell how nice the weather has become here? It is so amazing to suddenly be wearing summer clothes! This is a dress I made from a tank top and a metre of fabric a few years ago… The handy thing is that the tank top is high in the back, and low in the front, and I can wear it either way! I wore it on the low-cut side today, but if I wear it to work I just turn it around. 

MMM has really made me think about my wardrobe and my personal style. Sewing has really helped me create a wardrobe that I’m excited to put on… and I almost never think longingly now about what would be fashionable or stylish, because I’m just too excited to wear what I have! It really cuts down on shopping cravings, and helps me feel more confident. (On the other hand, I do lust over fabric and patterns, so maybe it’s not a huge change!)

What’s your relationship like with your Me-Made wardrobe? Love, boredom, or torn in between?

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