So long, Sew Colette Sew-Along! (And Hello Licorice!)

After 5 months and 5 patterns, the Sew Colette Sew Along is wrapping up! I’ve really enjoyed participating. I skipped the Pastille dress and the Taffy blouse, which weren’t up my alley, but I made a Meringue skirt, a Truffle dress, and now … drumroll, please! I’ve finished the Licorice dress! 

Sleeveless Licorice Dress

As a reminer, here’s what the example looked like in the book: 

I axed the sleeves – I don’t love the shape, and they seem too wintery as we head into summer. I also got rid of the collar, because I thought it would be fuss and also would make it tough to wear a cardigan with the dress! What I was left with was a basic sheath dress with diamond-shaped darts in front and back. 

Sleeveless Licorice Dress

So far most of the dresses I’ve made have a pretty defined waist and often a contrasting belt, but I challenged myself to make a self-fabric sash/belt for this one. It helps give some waist definition but I almost invisible against the busy print!

Here’s the dress with no belt: 

Sleeveless Licorice Dress

(Sorry that all of these pictures look so identical – I swear they are different!!!)

I used a lightweight cotton fabric that I got for $3/m in Hamilton a few weeks ago and some lining from my stash… for a grand total cost of $6! Not bad, eh? 😉 

Sleeveless Licorice Dress

For some reason, Colette patterns always gape horrible at the neck for me. This time, I took the extra fabric and made it into four pleats – Hello, instant design detail! 😛

I made a couple other changes to the pattern before cutting. I compared the pattern pieces to New Look 6022, which is the only other all-in-one bodice/skirt pattern that I’ve used. I flared the skirt out to be more a-line, and took out some width in the bodice. (Not enough, obviously!) I have to say, that for a pattern which is supposed to have a looser fit, I really didn’t have any extra fabric! I sewed up the lining first, as a muslin, and then cut blue fabric when I was sure it would fit! 

Sleeveless Licorice Dress

Thanks to Sarah from Erin from Rhinestones & Telephones and Erin from Miss Crayola Creepy for being our sew-along hosts! It’s been great! 

Now that MMM is wrapping up, and the Colette sew-along is finished, I’m looking for more group challenges to join! Have you heard of anything good coming up? 

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