Two-Tone Sorbetto (AKA. Two Peas in a Pod!)

I did it! I made a sorbetto that I LIKE! In fact, I made two!

Two Tone Sorbetto

I bet you can guess who that lovely lady is! 

I’ve been wanting to try sewing for other people (How many clothes does a girl need?!), so when my Mom complimented the coral Sorbetto I’d just finished, I was happy to make her one too! After digging around in my stash, we chose this combo of nubbly olive silk and graphic Japanese lawn. 

But back to the beginning. Spurred on by The Pretty Pickle’s Sorbetto Sewalong and the need for casual summer clothes for Me-Made May, I decided to give the Sorbetto another shot. It was the first pattern that I made back In January when I decided to give garment making a try. It was the perfect pattern for getting me over my intimidation about patterns! Problem was, I didn’t love the fit of the one I made. Here I am wearing it for MMM yesterday with my sister. 

MMM20 / Japanese for Crafters

I’m holding it in place here with my shoulders back and hand on hip, but all day long it kept slipping around and gaping in odd places. I can home determined to try the pattern again and make it fit me better! 

Two Tone Sorbetto

The first thing I did was freehand draw a curve up and over the bust and down lower in the back. I chopped the pattern in pieces, and was ready to begin! I took out width from the centre front and centre back, and adding a total of about 15cm to the original length. 

Two Tone Sorbetto

This was my first time piecing a concave and convex curve together, so I’m quite please with how it turned out! I like how it kind of tricks the eye into thinking this isn’t as tent-like as it really is! (As an added bonus, I’m can make two of these tops out of two 1m cuts of fabric. Because of my wide hips, I can’t cut a regular Sorbetto from just one metre, so thins allows me to use less fabric!) 

Next up: My Mom!

Two Tone Sorbetto

Isn’t she just the best poser? She started hitting all these classic poses right away. She knows what she’s doing! 🙂 The fit on her is a bit different, but the shirts themselves are exactly the same size. With the loose-weave silk, hers is more a loose tunic. 

Two Tone Sorbetto

It was lots of fun to sew for her – there will be more on the way since we went to a quilting fabric sale today! I’m also planning to try a version of tis top with a woven yoke and jersey body. I think it would be comfy!

Have you tried the Sorbetto pattern? I’m so curious to see what this summer’s big pattern will be! 

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