MMM/Japanese for Crafters, Day 14-18

IT”S A LONG WEEKEND!!!! Hip hip, hurray! I’m really looking forward to some fabric shopping, time with friends and family, and sittin gon the back deck in the sun. Whoe are you up to this weekend? 

I’m falling behind in MMM updates, so here’s some pics form the last week: 

MMM 14: 

MMM14 / Japanese for Crafters

Mishin = Sewing Machine

Hot off the mishin, this is the first time I wore this new Truffle skirt and Pendrell top! The skirt is made of a remnant in my mom’s stash, and the top is Japanese lawn. It was a really comfortable outfit – I love how tops tucked into high-waisted skirts stay in place all day long!


MMM15 / Japanese for Crafters

Rokku Mishin = Serger

MY FIRST T-SHIRT! No surprise, it’s a Sewaholic Renfrew, and I love the pattern just like everyone else! Using my rokku mishin, it took just an hour to cut and sew. How amazing is that? However, I do wish jersey was cheaper, because right now I could buy a finished t-shirt for cheaper than I can make one!

MMM 16: 

MMM16 / Japanese for Crafters

Amimono = Knitting

Can you tell I was starting to loose MMMMotivation? For a couple of days this week, I just wanted to wear basic comfy clothes… and I’ll admit, I didn’t really wear anything me-made this day. I was feeling blue but had to go drop off a job application after work, so I let myself wear a comfy-but-classy RTW jersey dress. When I got home, I pulled on this me-made scarf for a picture, which is my only item made of amimono! Forgive me. 😛 

(Incidentally, I do love amimono… so much that I ended up with wrist pain for 5 years. Now I leave the knitting to my sister, who is a truly amazing knitter and blogs at

MMM 17: 

MMM17 / Japanese for Crafters

Nuno = Cloth

My MMM mojo is still lacking here, but it’s coming back thanks to my second Renfrew! It’s a cheap thin knit from, which I reversed for most of the shirt so that the polkadots are more subtle. Just the collar and cuffs are the “right” side of the fabric. It was a really comfy outfit… Plus I came home to news that a quilting store is opening in town! Yay for more nuno!


MMM18 / Japanese for Crafters

Wata = Cotton

Alright, today. My sewing mojo is back, and I was happy in my me-made Pendrell… but eating ice cream and relaxing with Jamie seemed a lot more important than taking a cute picture. I’m already excited for my outfit tomorrow though (which includes much more wata than this one does!), so I think my MMM is back on track. 

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! 

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