MMM/Japanese for Crafters, Day 9-12

I can’t believe it’s May 15th! I feel that that thought must be chorusing through all the MMMay’ers heads right now – Seriously, how is this month half finished! For the first few days it seemed like such a big deal to plan and outfit and take a picture, but now it’s an old habit. Get dressed, eat breakfast, pick up the camera, and my husband hops out of bed to be my photographer! (He makes the breakfast, too, btw! He is awesome.) 

There are a lot of days to catch up on, so let me get started: 

Day 9:  Sukato = Skirt!

MMM9 / Japanese for Crafters

 Sukato = Skirt! Here I’m wearing a denim sukato based on the Truffle dress pattern, a heavily modified Pendrell, and a cardigan I modified from a pullover sweater. Head to toe me-made, on the outside at least! I’m also being attacked by a hand monster! 

Here’s what happened next! 

MMM9 Mosiac

Thank you, high-speed burst!

Day 10: 

MMM10 / Japanese for Crafters

Shatsu = Shirt

I’m wearing my first Pendrell, which was also my first garment made with a serger. Somehow this Pendrell fits better than any of the ones I made since! How does that happen? I bought this fabric 5 years ago, along with some white lining, imagining I was going to make a lined dress… which I had no idea how to do! I had a lot of (foolhardy) confidence back then. 🙂 

Also wearing my red/green/yellow Onitsuka Tigers for Maider, who also owns a pair: 

Sorry they are so out of focus! 😉

Day 11: 

MMM11 / Japanese for Crafters

Zubon = Trousers

I’m wearing yet another Pendrell, with a me-made belt. (I love wearing this belt so much that I bought another length of elastic and a different sew-on clasp to make a second one!) Jamie got called in to teach this day, so I’m all on my own for photography!

Day 12: 

MMM12 / Japanese for Crafters

Wan Piisu = Dress (aka. a “One Peice!”)

Saturday lounging clothes: Walmart dress with appliqued flowers that I added a year or two ago! After teaching gym the day before outside, J had heatstroke and didn’t feel well. Hence this “selfie” picture, a la teenagers on Facebook! (I’m happy to say he is better now!) 

Day 12: 

MMM13 / Japanese for Crafters!

Se-ta = Sweater

At this point, I’m running out of way to take my own picture! I was determined to wear a sweater for my word-of-the-day, but wouldn’t ya know, it was the warmest day this spring!

This is a wool-blend sweater that I needle-felting roving onto a couple of years ago. (Can you tell from this outfit and the day before that I like to decorate one shoulder of tops?) I love the colours on this sweater, and it kept me happy through a rough weekend of enforced socialization with coworkers back in Japan. (Did you know that it’s common for employers to tae their employees out for a drinking-binge weekend? Our school always went to onsen hotels, where you not only share a bedroom with your coworkers, you also meet up to go naked-bathing in springwater together! Not. Awkward. At. All. Also: The all-you-can-drink and karaoke starts on the bus ride there, and doesn’t stop til everyone is sick! Lots of fun if you like your coworkers, less fun if you don’t!)

Since it was so warm, I changed out of this sweater pretty quickly… and into my first Renfrew, finished that day!

Wow. You made it through? You are amazing. And dedicated. And patient! Thanks for sticking with me! I’m really pleased with MMM so far – I still have unworn clothes, and the only thing that has felt constricting is trying to match my clothes with the Japanese Word of the Day! I’m really enjoying it all though, and hope you are having fun in your own Me-Made clothes! 

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