Fabric Inheritance!

My wonderful mother-in-law (well, actually, my sister’s MIL, but we like to share!) used to be a very talented sewer, but fell out of habit in the last while. She took a tailoring course back in the 70’s and 80’s, and even built herself a custom dressform… She used to make suits for herself and all kinds of stuff for the family. Lucky for me, she has sent me a huge shopping bag crammed with fabric from her stash! (Technically, ANOTHER bag, since she already gave me some big pieces of lining and wool plaids back in the winter.) 

Look how fun: 

Two jersey knits – The floral is only in little scraps, but I think it would make a great contrast yoke for a Renfrew.

Two or three metres of this polyester, which is completely 80’s… but also really calls my name! It’s black, it’s striped, it has teal and purple – What’s not to like? I think it might become a dress. 

Orange gingham, white linen-look poly, some navy poly and turquoise twill…

This lovely soft light-weight wool tartan, with beautiful colours…

… and several metres of this wool tartan with Olympic rings! We figure it must date back to either the 1978 Olympics in Montreal or the ‘88 Olympics in Calgary. Either way, it’s something I never guessed would exist!

I’m honoured and excited for the fabric, but also for the family memories being shared: My Brother-In-Law remembers being three years old and sitting in his Dad’s lap while his father wore a housecoat made of this fabric. There are only a few scraps left, but I think it needs to become a special gift for my BIL. (Shhh!!!)

Most of all, I’m so grateful to have an extended family who values sewing! Thank you, Lynda, for sharing your stash!

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