I made a t-shirt!

I made a t-shirt. ImadeatshirtIMADEATSHIRTIMADEATSHIRT! And it took less than an hour. And it’s wearable! (Wearable-ish, at least!) Thank you, Sewaholic Renfrew!

I traced the pattern last night, and cut and sewed it today! It’s a straight size 14, serged up with a rather narrow seam allowance. It’s a big baggy, but not bad! I think with a stretchier knit it would be quite different… and we’ll see what this one is like after I wash it! 

It’s a wee bit long in the back (Or is that a swayback?) Next time I’ll make the bands a bit tighter… But really, who am I kidding? I’m thrilled with this shirt! I thought it was going to be an unwearable muslin, just to dip my toe in the jersey pond. I really can’t believe it’s this easy! I’ll definitely be making more soon! 

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