MMM/Japanese for Crafters, Day 6-8

Konnichiwa! O genki desu ka? If you’ve been following along my Me-Made May  Japanese for Crafters challenge, then you’ll know that means: Hello! How are you? 

I’m finding my groove now for MMM, and even managing to get some sewing done. I’ve finished another knock-off Ginger skirt, and this one even has a zipper! (Imagine that!) I’m working on a heavily-modified Licorice dress for the les challenge of the Colette Sew-Along. It’s also Mother’s Day this weekend, so I’d better whip something up for that! 

As for Me-Made May, here are my outfits over the last few day: 

Day 6: 

MMM6 / Japanese for Crafters

Not only is my husband gaining confidence taking pictures of me, and figuring out what I’m hoping for in an outfit photo, he’s also taken on directorial duties. After a few shots of me joking awkward, he starts pulling faces, shooting crazy angles, and generally trying to make me laugh. And that, my friends, is how we ended up with this pictue of me “falling” down the hill! 

Also how we ended up with this: The devil on my shoulder. 

MMM6 The devil on my shoulder...

He’s a drama teacher and loves any kind of performing, so he’s turning up in my pictures more and more often! Works for me – His pictures always make me laugh!

Oh yeah: Wearing a me-made necklace and New Look 6022 in denim. 

Day 7: 

I was just not feeling it this day. It was cold and raining, and I couldn’t figure out how to break out of the rut I’m in for accessorizing this Peony dress! In the end I thought, “Screw it, let’s take some pictures!”

Which led to this: 

Frowning and pissed off. Definitely not living up the the word “kawaii” (cute) that I was teaching that day! At which point, Jamie started threatening to, um… moon the parking lot next door, which brought me to this: 

MMM7: Happy, therefore kawaii!

A highly-entertained and much happier me! (And no, his pants stayed on!)

It was a good reminder for me not to fixate on styling and being stylish. I’m much happier when I’m focused on the people and activities I love, instead of trying to live up to someone else’s imaginary standards. 

Wearing: Floral Peony, me-made belt. Flower pin that used to be on hair elastic.

Day 8: 

Today, I’m keeping it simple with a me-made scarf. What can I say? Sometimes I just really want to wear jeans and t-shirt. (And look who shows up again!)

MMM8 / Japanese for Crafters!

This scarf is actually made of two different navy stripe fabrics, although it’s a bit hard to tell. It’s great to teach in because I don’t have to worry about it falling off or getting lopsided during the day!

After a great suggestion from Magpie Mimi on my last post, I sat down on Sunday to plan out my outfits for the week. It turns out that almost every outfit requires a cardigan – so the most challenging part was figuring out which cardigan to wear when and with what! It’s already making getting dressed in the morning quicker and easier. Thanks, Mimi!

Hope your month continues to go well!

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