MMM Thoughts / Japanese for Crafters, Day 4 and 5

Oh boy. I totally underestimated how much work Me-Made May would be! Getting dressed takes more thought, and then there’s a quick photoshoot before work… and then editing, posting to Flickr, blogging… Of course it’s fun, and I’m enjoying it, but geez. I feel like I don’t have mental space or actual time for sewing or real blogging! 

Is anyone else in the same boat? (Please tell me that you are!) A month is looking like a long time right now!

(Lovely free desktop calendar from

Here’s my new plan: I think I was naive to want to blog MMM every day.. so I’m bumping it down to once or twice a week. The flickr pools is really fun and active, so I’ll stick with that most days. 

I’m also actively trying to use the Flickr pool for more than just compliments. I mean, EVERYONE’S stuff is lovely! That’s really a given. Of course we’re all tickled pink when people compliment our stuff, and I think that’s an important part of gaining confidence in our sewing and personal style… but I also think it’s a missed opportunity if we don’t bring the discussion deeper than that. I’ve really enjoyed asking questions about patterns and techniques, and getting to know some new sewers through their thoughtful responses. 

Finally, I’m making more work for myself (but in a fun way!) by incorporating a Japanese word a day into my MMM pictures. It’s just a little pet project, but it’s making me feel less self-conscious about posing! 🙂 

Japanese for crafters bar

Enough talking – More Me-Made May! Here are my pictures from Day 4 and 5: 


Day 4: Yoroshiku = Nice to meet you! (Well, sort of. This one is a very indirect translation… but after you say “Hello/Konnichiwa”, and introduce yourself “Watashi wa ___ desu.”, this is the next part! The polite version is “Yoroshiku onegaishimasu”, but let’s not be too formal!)

i.e. “Konnichiwa! Watashi wa Gillian desu. Yoroshiku!” 

Heading off to teaching kindergarten in a me-made double knit skirt (copied from a RTW) and jersey cowl. (Even though the weather is getting warmer, I’m still addicted to wearing leggings or tights under skirts. I spend part of every day with a class full of kids  sitting on a carpet while I sit on a chair, and they are right at knee hight as I sit! I don’t want to have to worry to much about what they see! :P)

MMM5/ Japanese for Crafters

Day 5: Yes = Hai!

(Sounds like Hi or high! 😉 And it should be a short sound… almost like you are getting punched in the stomach while you say it! Of course, if you want to be more ladylike, you could say a nice, soft “Ehhhhh” … or you could sound manly and say “Unh” like a grunt! 

For example: 

         Q: Do you have a fabric stash?

         A: Hai! My stash is big, but somehow I’m always buying for fabric…

Wearing: Colette Truffle, in honour of my Mother-In-Law’s birthday lunch!

So here’s a question for you to answer in the comments (in Japanese or English!): 

Are you enjoying getting dressed for MMM each day?

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