MMM/Japanese for Crafters, Day 2

It’s the second day of Me-Made May, which also means that it’s the second day of…

Japanese for crafters bar

In an attempt to spice up my daily photos for MMM, I’ll be including a Japanese word or phrase every day that would help you chat with a crafter should you find yourself in Japan! (I’m sure we all wish that was more likely!) Fair warning though: I’m a Canadian who has spent 5 years living in Japan, so if you spot a grammar mistake in my nihongo, please forgive me!

Today’s word is that start of every good conversation: Hello

MMM Day / Japanese for Crafters

(Wearing Colette Peony dress made in fabrics from Alexander Henry’s Larkspur line. Bonus: There’s a wild bunny somewhere on the lawn behind me!)

i.e. “Konnichiwa! Nice to meet you! My name is Gillian. What is yours?”

Now, if you are going to remember a new word, it’s always good to use it right away… so I dare you to say “Konnichiwa” in the comments! 


In non-MMM news, I bought and downloaded the Pattern Runway Kimono pattern yesterday… and it turns out that while my bodice fits the biggest size, my hips and waist are 4 inches too big for the Large! Seriously guys, I’m not tiny, but neither am I giant. Maybe they could have made an XL as well as an XS and XXS? I can adapt the pattern easily, but I feel like I shouldn’t have to!

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