MMM/Japanese for Crafters, Day 1

(Photo courtesy of Laila at Tokyo

Picture this: You are on vacation in Japan, so of course, you go fabric shopping! You walk down the crowded sidewalks of the Nippori fabric district, passing countless stores filled with buttons, notions, second-hand kimonos, and stacks of fabric. 

(Photo courtesy of Laila at Tokyo

You go inside a narrow six-story shop, just one of four branches of that store on the street. You see hordes of Japanese crafters, digging through beautiful fabric at very reasonable prices.

Is that Liberty over there? And 3 shelves of Echino? And a whole rainbow floor of quilting fabric? It’s heaven.

Only one thing is missing. How will you talk to the other crafters? How will you find out what they are making, or get the inside scoop on the best place to buy vintage buttons or cool bias tape in Tokyo? Never fear, Japanese for Crafters is here! 

Japanese for crafters bar

Lesson One, for Day One of Me-Made May: 

Me-Made May Day 1

Wearing Pendrell blouse, refashioned sweater-into-cardigan, and handmade glass pendant.

i.e. It was so rainy on the first day of tezukuri no go-gatsu” that it was really hard to take an in-focus picture! 

Now it’s your turn – I’d dearly love to see you use “tezukuri no go-gatsu” in a comment! 

Hope you are enjoying MMM so far!

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