Me-Made May – Welcome to Japanese for Crafters!

I love blogging pictures of my sewing, but I hate posing… and so I bring you a Me-Made May special: 

A series of 31 Japanese phrases that you might need if you were to meet up with a Japanese sewist! 

(What can I say? I’m a teacher to the core! 😉 

Here’s the plan: In each daily outfit picture, I’ll hold a sign with one Japanese word or phrase. According to educational best-practices (wink), it’s important to use a word as soon as you learn it, so I’ll use it in a sentence and challenge *you* to use it in the comments! 

WIll you become fluent in Japanese? No. Will I have something to distract me while I pose awkwardly? You bet!!! I’m hoping it spices up the whole daily photo thing, both for me and for you!

J Posing

(Look! It’s young me, back in my first year in Japan!)

Now, fair warning: I’m not Japanese. I’m not even close to fluent in Japanese. But after 5 years of living there, I do love the language! I use Japanese a surprising amount as a supply teacher to entertain and motivate classes… but it’s almost inevitable that I’ll make a spelling mistake or typo at some point. Forgive me, please! 

Are you ready? Let’s the lessons begin! 

p.s. What’s your special skill? Do you have something you could teach us during Me-Made May? I’d love to learn!

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