Colette Truffle Meets Ginger Skirt!

I love the Colette Ginger skirt – but at $16+tax+shipping, it’s a little steep for me right now. Instead, I looked carefully at as many pictures and descriptions as I could, and made the Truffle dress into a skirt instead! I drafted a waistband according to Sarai’s tutorial… then got lazy about the zipper and decided to pull it on over my head instead! (It works just fine, but there’ll be no sexy undressing in this one – It involves rather a lot of contortions to take off!) Incidentally, this is the darker side of the same denim that I used for my recent dress. This time, I remembered to use the stretch in the right direction!

Here she is: 

Gingered Truffle

(Sorry all these pics are so washed out – I think my camera was on a low-light setting!)

Truffle Skirt

It’s not as A-line as a real Ginger… Maybe the Peony skirt would have been a better choice?)

Truffle Skirt - I lined it!

Lookee! I lined it! (Side note: I love my new serger! Makes finishing the seams sooo easy, for both denim and the lining!)

Truffle Skirt - Waistband

Voila! The waistband. 

Button Belt

I made this belt to go with the navy Pendrell I’m wearing in these photos… but it works well with the skirt too. It’s just a package-worth of “denim” elastic with a sew-on belt buckle. It cost less than $5 to make, and it’s really comfy!


In other news: 

I’m hoping to combat my frustrations this week for a lovely relaxing day of sewing today. My new goal is to do garment sewing on the weekend, and stick to simple things like making zippered pouches etc during the week. I’m hoping that will prevent me from  making even more poorly-planned UFO clothes!

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