New Look 6022 – My First Denim Project!

As I mentioned earlier in the week, I bought New Look 6022… and promptly sewed it up in denim the next day! I’d bought the fabric for my Colette Sew-Along Meringue, but in the end, I managed to make both this dress AND a skirt out of it! Does everyone find the fabric recommendations so generous?

Without further ado, here it is! 

New Look 6022: With Sweater

I really enjoyed sewing this pattern! I was clearly inspired by the Fabled Needle’s lovely denim version of this dress. It was basically a muslin – I’m never sewn a dress with this loose shape, so wasn’t sure how it would fit. (It’s also my first Big 4 pattern in the last decade!) 

To keep things simple, I made the sleeveless version: 

New Look 6022: with belt

I’m excited to try it out with lots of different sweaters and accessories – It’s the perfect blank canvas for Me-Made May! (Although I did quickly realised today that I don’t have many belts that work with sweaters, so for now it’s one or the other!

Fitting: I think I cut a pretty straight size… ummm… 16? Whatever the largest size was. After reading some pattern reviews, I cut a gentle curve at the side seam to give some shaping. I also had to make the armhole (Is that an armscye?) about 1” lower/larger.

New Look 6022: rear view

I couldn’t predict how things would fit, so when I cut the back pieces I added about 2” in width at the centre seam. The bodice and waist ended fitting well according to the pattern, but I I used the extra inches to make the skirt more a-lined. Next time, I’ll add a slight a-line at the side seams too. 

New Look 6022: Neckline

A couple more things:

      • I actually use the reverse side of the denim because I liked the texture and colour.
      • It’s a fairly light denim, so it hangs well. Phew! I was worried for a while!
      • I fought with my machine to do the top-stitching with jeans thread… I just couldn’t get the tension right! I ended up just fudging it. Its a mess on the inside. 
      • No zipper. Hurrah!

New Look 6022: Floral bias tape

The bias tape inside makes me happy! 2m for 100yen at the Japanese dollar store!

I’ll definitely sew this pattern again. It was easy to make up, and it’s got some really cute sleeve options.


Lately my blog posts always run so long – Sorry everyone! I’ll be quiet and leave you alone… but first, a rare picture of my husband Jamie and I! Somehow we just never take any photos of ourselves… 

Jamie and Gill

I love him dearly for being happy to take photos of me, and for balancing out my rainbowness with his all-black metalhead wardrobe. Mwah!

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