Catching Up on Sewing

Lately I seem to start sewing projects, then leave them with only a few seams to go. The problem is that in preparation for Me-Made May, I’m trying to sew some “cake” (aka. practical basics) instead of so much “frosting” (pretty dresses!), as Tasia from Sewaholic would say. I’ve been literally losing sleep over how to make my latest Pendrell more interesting… only to realise that the whole point of “cake” is it’s going a be a little boring on it’s own! 

(And let’s be honest, I’m making the shirt with this gorgeous Japanese lawn which is very similar to Liberty cotton, so “boring” is relative!)

Yuwa Live Life

I’ve also got all but the hem finished on yet ANOTHER Sewaholic Pendrell in a pink cotton… My first version with sleeves! (I made View A)


It was the sleeves that I first loved about this pattern, but oh boy, they are not working for this! As my Mom said, bubblegum pink + puff sleeves = bad bridesmaid! Honestly, I don’t even know if it’s worth finishing. Boo. 

In fact, I got so frustrated with my two problematic Pendrells that I gave up and made a dress! I bought New Look 6022 yesterday. I’m trying to expand my pattern collection intelligently, so this pattern was easy to justify. I don’t have any patterns for loose shift dresses, and I don’t have anything similar to either sleeve option either. Not sure who wants to sew a drawstring bag with a tissue pattern, but that’s ok!

Of course, I promptly started trolling the internet for everyone’s versions of this pattern, and found a lot to love!

In particular, this casual denim version by the Fabled Needle: 

Isn’t it awesome? Clearly I think so, because a few hours later I had finished this: 

6022 neckline

I’m going to wear it tomorrow to our Professional Development Day, so I’ll try to get some pictures! 

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