Serger +Pendrell = <3

Folks, I’m a  lucky lady. Not only do my parents let Jamie and I live with them while we get started teaching in Canada, they halp ake my sewing addiction possible! Back in November, they let me take over the basement as a sewing room… then in February, my mom bought me a dress form… and last month, she went 50-50 with me on a serger!  (At this rate, I’m in no hurry to move out!) 

We bought a Brother 3034D, but it took me a couple of weeks to feel brave enough to actually use it. Now that I’ve had a chance to use it, I’m in love! It’s so fast and easy. 

I promised myself that I’d really practice with it, and learn how to use it properly before I started any real projects… but of course, 30 minutes into “practice”, I was itching to sew something real! I searched in my stash, dug through my patterns, and thus my first ever Pendrell was born! 

Swiss Dot Pendrell

It’s made with an embroidered swiss dot that I bought 7 years ago – and who knows what I thought I was going to make with it then, because I definitely didn’t have the skills to work with semi-sheer lawn and inserting a lining! 

I cut a straight size 14, and made very few changes: 

  • shortened 5 inches
  • enlarged the neckline, because my giant noggin couldn’t fit through the original neckhole
  • hand-appliqued mini pompom to the neck after finishing. I like how it mimics the swiss dot puffs! 

I made the sleeveless version so that it would work well under cardigans… but it’s perfectly wearable with out the sweater. Enjoy my awkward posing! 

Swiss Dot Pendrell

I wore it yesterday to a crafting night with my sister and her friends, and I’m happy to report that it was as comfortable as a t-shirt! I’m so happy with how well the pattern fits and how easy it is to serge together (No seam finishing! Hurrah!) that not only do I have another one almost finished, I’m planning on cutting and sewing a third today! I think this pattern is going to get me through Me-Made May! 

Here’s what we worked on during our crafting night: Glass pendants! 

glass pendants

We’d gone to a workshop months ago, and then ordered some supplies from Etsy. We used a  variety of Japanese paper and printed scrapbook paper for the designs. It was fun to do some mindless crafting, with no big decisions to make and lots of fun designs to choose from! It was neat to see what different people gravitated towards. Mine are very bright and multi-coloured. Jamie got in on the action too – Can you tell which ones my heavy metal-loving better half created?

Enough blogging – To the sewing room! Hope you are all having a happy weekend of craftiness and good friends too. 

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