Spring and Summer Sewing Plans!

Every fall and spring, Colette Patterns challenges sewers to come up with a colour scheme to inspire their seasonal sewing. I’ve enjoyed looking at other people’s plans before, but this is the first time that I’m participating! 

I’m on a tight budget, so I started by photographing all the fabrics in my stash, and making a list of all the things I’ve already planned to make in the next few months. Then I tried to squish all those ideas together into a colour palatte… and guess what? It didn’t work! 😛 Some of the fabrics just aren’t matchy-matchy with each other… and somehow, as I edited it down, I was left with boring pastels. (Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be sewing some pastel stuff… but as a whole mini-wardrobe, I’d rather have something bolder that will work in Fall as well!) 

Here’s my first draft: 

collage fail

Nice, but not inspiring. I took a look through Pinterest, and found a great wallet from the Accessorize website that I love. That led me to think of the beautiful white/navy/red/turquoise Japanese fabric that is hanging on my wall in so many photos… and with those added inspiration, I came up with this! 

Spring Summer Colour Palatte final

I think the addition of navy really helps – and luckily a lot of these are destined to be blouses to wear with jeans at work! Of course, as I played around with the orientation and layout, I suddenly realised –

I’ve come up with a RAINBOW, folks! Check the blog title – I’m not lying!

I’ll even admit that I’m not likely to sew anything yellow – I just like the colours together! (I do have a second hand yellow belt that I picked up recently but haven’t found anything to wear with, so I’m hoping to work yellow in that way.)

Here’s what i’m planning to make: 

Spring Summer Colour Palatte plans

Of course, the dangerous thing is no that I have an official palatte, I suddenly feel justified in buying more fabrics to match it! Dammit! Didn’t I start by saying that I’m on a budget? 

I’m off to the city, where I’ll try to resist the lure of the fabric stores… Maybe!

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