OWOP: A week in review!

I really loved doing the One Week, One Pattern challenge! It was just the right length of time – I wouldn’t make it through a whole me-made month yet, with only 3 months of garment sewing behind me. I was happy wearing my Colette Peony every day (except for the one day I was home sick), and always felt pretty and professional. 

I wore three Peony’s this week: silvery-blue, black mini-floral, and my new Larkspur version!

OWOP mosaic

It’s hovering around 0 here in Canada, so you can see that cardigans and fleece tights really got me through the week! 

Here’s what I learned about the pattern: 

  • Don’t fear zippers. I like the closer fit that they allow! 
  • The neck facings on my silvery-blue “wearable muslin” are annoying – I much prefer the versions with piping or bias tape instead. 
  • It’s really worth lining any dress that I need to wear with tights! 

As I said yesterday when I wrote about my final day of OWOP, I really enjoyed participating in this challenge! I’m new to sewing, so it was really great to feel truly part of the online community. I’m so impressed at the beautiful things that other people have created, and I particularly liked seeing normal day-to-day outfit pictures. Not everyday can be a cutely accessorized, perfectly-posed photo shoot, so it was great to keep things realistic! Tilly, it was a huge success, and thanks so much for organizing it! 

If you want to see what I wore each day, here are the links: 

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