Colette Peony: Version 3!

Larkspur Peony

I wanted to challenge myself with this project, to see just how quickly I could throw together a dress. (I’m lazy like that!) Of course, that all went out the window when iI tried to figure out how to cut the bodice from my one meter of this fabric without placing a bullseye target over one boob or the other! After an HOUR of trying different placements, I gave up and went for the the best I could do. 

To make it even harder for myself, I decided to draft some cap sleeves. (Actually, I wanted them to be loose, casual kimono sleeves, but they didn’t turn out like that!) Maybe the fabric was too stiff, or the arm hole was too tight? They ended up sticking out awkwardly, so I cheated by folding a little box pleat into each sleeve. It’s not perfect, but it helps! 

Larkspur Peony

Here’s how it looks on: 

Larkspur Peony

Here are some of the changes I made: 

  • Bias tape instead of facings. Quick, easy, and less bulky! 
  • The neckline was gapping, so I ran a line of basting stitches along the centre front, and gathered it up a slight bit before applying the bias tape. Worked well!
  • Neckline made narrower and scooped lower… side darts lowered… waist raised… all my usual Peony changes. 

I’m planning to spend April learning how to use my exciting new serger (!!!), so I won’t be droning on about dresses for a while! Thanks for bearing with me – As a reward, here’s a bonus picture of our cat!

Laptop the cat

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