The Last OWOP: Day 7

This has been a tough week – but OWOP was a bright spot! I loved wearing my dresses, and I really enjoyed watching other people’s outfits pop up online. Most of all, I loved being part of an active and inspiring community of like-minded people! Thank you! 

Two days a week, I am a supply teacher, but I do teach three afternoons a week at one particular school. I didn’t want to wear the same dress twice over three days, which gave me great motivation to make a third Peony. I’ve been working away at it, and here it finally is!


It’s a basic cotton version, made with two kinds of Alexander Henry Larkspur. It’s got a few secrets, but I’ll leave that for a full post this weekend! 

After a few days of taken-by-me-in-the-car pictures, I was lucky enough to get BOTH parents taking pictures of me this morning! Thanks guys! 🙂 

Peony #3

I’d like to shout out a thank you to Tilly from Tilly and the Buttons, who dreamed up and hosted this first OWOP. It’s really been a fun experience, and I’m grateful to her for proposing it! 

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