OWOP: Day 6

So here I am, wearing light cotton dresses all week, and BAM! This is what I wake up to:  OWOP day 6 2

Oh yeah, that’s snow. Which is entirely seasonal for Ontario, but we got spoiled with some early summer last week and it’s so disconcerting to be suddenly back to winter! (Not to mention that Japanese spring will be glorious right now, with sunshine, cherry blossoms and drinking in the park!) Sometimes I forget I’m Canadian. 

So here I am, with another car shot, rushing off to work in the morning: 

OWOP day 6

I just couldn’t make J get out of bed to take a picture, so I rested my phone on the car door instead, and took a quick timer shot. Note the cardigan and fleece tights – and trust me that my winter peacoat was in the car! After getting caught supply-teaching gym outside the other day with bare legs in -1 degree temperatures, I have learned my lesson!

(Side note: I taught G1-2 French Immersion today, before running over to my normal gig… and man, trying to control behavioural students in a language that is neither yours nor theirs is an interesting task! By Grade 3 they start calling me on my grammar mistakes, but the kids today didn’t really seem to notice. Phew!) 

So heaven knows there isn’t much new or interesting about my Peonies at this point – so instead, here are a few accessories I’ve made and wear often! 

OWOP elastic belt

First off, a simple elastic belt. It’s made with really soft and stretchy elastic, with this little loop detail that covers the seam. It’s like a bow, but a little less froufrou. I’ve made two of these, and I love how easily it goes with everything.

OWOP flower

Secondly, a burnt-polyester flower. (Sounds awful, looks nice!) I made a bunch of these for my wedding, and this was a leftover. This particular one is a few shade of purple, and again, it seems to match lots of things. There are plenty of tutorials for these flowers online, and once you get the hang of it, they are easy and fun! I actually sell my versions here matched with an elastic reversible belt. 

Tomorrow is the last day of OWOP, which means I’d better get going and hem my final version. In the mean time, I’d love to hear what YOUR go-to accessories are! If you were packing a suitcase and could only bring a few things that would go with everything, what would you choose? 

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