OWOP: Day 5

Guys, I am an OWOP failure. At least I was yesterday! I’ve come down with a really bad cold this week, so I booked yesterday afternoon off to go see a doctor… and didn’t end up with any supply teaching calls for the morning! With a whole day to rest in bed, Peony was just not the right outfit! (And it felt wrong to dress up to see the doc!) Instead I wore pjs all day. Sorry, OWOP! Just to balance things out though, I did insert a zipper into to my third and final Peony, to be revealed on Friday! 

Here’s me today, in the car about to drive to work. I don’t know how everyone else seems to make time for lovely posed pictures… I was happy to snap this and move on! 🙂 Let’s just call it realism, k?

OWOP Day 5

I’ve been enjoying OWOPing so far – though I was really excited yesterday to pull on jeans for the first time this week! I think it would be much easier to wear just one pattern if it was separates. Still, I feel good in my Peony every day, and I love seeing everyone else’s pictures pop up on the net! 

Two more days!

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