OWOP: Day 1

Today is the first day of the One Week, One Pattern, hosted by Tilly and the Buttons. The goal is to celebrate your love for one pattern that you love by wearing versions of it all week! Since I only started sewing clothes in two months ago, I don’t have many choices! I only have multiples of one thing, so the Colette Peony it is! 

Spring has started early in Ontario, so todays outfit is pretty simple: Dress! Plus belt! And… wait for it… shoes! And that’s it. 

Jenn and Gill

I spent a wonderful day sewing with my friend Jenn. (We met in Grade 2, and now we’re lucky enough to teach at the same school!) She’s done a few small projects before, but she jumped right in with a really cute halter dress pattern, and in no time she was roller-cutting out pattern pieces like a pro! She whipped together a muslin for the bodice, and cut out all the fashion fabric and lining, so next time she’ll be able to jump right in with the fun stuff! I’m glad she had fun, and I hope she comes back soon! 

I spent the day working on my Truffle for the Sew Colette sew-along – I’m determined to get ONE of the challenges done on time! I’m not planning on making either of the two final patterns, so this is my last shot. 

Truffle WIP

I’m so pleased with how it is turned out! (It’s not finished in the picture, but it is finished now in real life!) I was worried about turning the lining inside out, and scared not to be able to fit it until the very end… but I think it’s actually my best fit yet. Close-fitting, but not tight. Hurray! Even better, it’s second-hand vintage fabric that only cost a few bucks! Cheap and cheerful! 

My other sewing project for the day was just a little different… 

Jamie's jacket

Updating J’s “battle jacket”! He’s been adding and subtracting to this jacket for two years now, adapting it as his metal tastes change. He spent hours last night with a stitch ripper carefully tacking off at least 15 patches that were on the back. (I do love a man who sews!) Today I sewed on this huge silk-screen back patch, and a few more patches. If you look closely, even on this blurry picture you can see the grungy brown between where the old patches were, and the bright blue of the original denim! Grungy and scuzzy, just as he likes it! 

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