She’s done it again!

In 2011, my sister had her first knitting design published… and she’s done it again! I was just reading through A needle Pulling Thread, a Canadian needlecraft magazine, when there, on the last page, was a design a recognized! I’m so proud of Anne – She is a seriously amazing knitter, and it’s pretty awesome to see her take on the knitting world! (Seriously, check her blog link in my righthand sidebar!) 

Anne's design

(Her design in the second from the left in the bottom row!)

I’m not positive, but I think the brief was to design something really simple for beginners. Anne came up with a beach cover-up made that was basically made from two scarves sewn together. It creates a really cute v-neck dress with a lace-work band to pull a drawstring waistband through. It looks great! (Honestly, I was wearing a very similar dress today myself!)

Just for reference, here is her first design: The Chawton Mittens in the Jane Austen Knit’s magazine. A rather more challenging design! 

Congratulations, Anne!

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