Spring Sewing!

Suddenly, it’s spring! In the two weeks of school before March Break, we had THREE no-bus days at school because of snow and ice… and now, it’s 20 degrees! Better yet, we’re housesitting for Jamie’s parents out in the country, where is looks like this: 


That’s a one-room schoolhouse in the distance, right on the family’s property. We got married just in front of that side wall, so it will always have good memories for me! 

Yesterday I drove to Port Dover, where the beach was crowded despite the fog: 

Port Dover

In honour of the lovely weather, I’ve been sewing some cheerful striped infinity scarves, like the ones I sold here. (Yes, yes, I know scarves are usually for winter, but I’m always excited to switch over to my summer scarf collection!) One is for me, one is for my Covert Robin (Secret Sewing Santa), and the last one is for… me? Someone? For sale? I don’t know yet! 

infinity all

As always, If I bothered to pin, things would turn out better… but then there wouldn’t be any problems to solve as I go! I bought a huge order from Fabric.com a month ago, with all kinds of lovely jersey for >$5 per metre. I think I ended up with about 20 metres of fabric! (Oh dear, don’t do that math on how much I spent!) I’m hoping I can sell some items at farmer’s markets etc over the summer, but I don’t have anything lined up yet! 

The first one is a simple black and white number, with no trim: 

Infinity black and white

The next one is teal and white… When I sewed the side seams, the striped side stretched out more than the white tissue jersey, so I ended up with an extra 25cm of stripes hanging off the end. I chopped them off, and turned that fabric into the little loop going around the scarf. 

infinty teal stripe

The last one is a rather deluxe version for myself: wider, heavier fabric plus pom poms! I like the contrasting stripes a lot, though I think it would be cooler if one was finer and one wide. 

infinity navy

The problem is, with all that fabric and trim, it’s rather a lot! It just feels too bulky and fussy. I’ll wear it a few times or a fair trial, but I might end up narrowing it a bit. 

infinity navy doubled

Still, it was a fun day of sewing, and I enjoyed cranking out lots of stuff! 

One more day of holiday, then it’s back to school… of course, I don’t have any supply teaching booked for Monday, so maybe, just maybe, I’ll have an extra day of holiday! 

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