OWOP, bop-bop mmm-bop!

Blame Tilly and the Buttons, but I’ve got Hanson stuck in my head! (Which, incidentally, gives me very strong memories of being in a bus in Holland on a choir tour when I was 15!)                                                                                                                                            

This month, Tilly has proposed a cunning plan: Wear clothes sewn from just one pattern every day for a week, starting March 24th! One Week, One Pattern: OWOP! (Can you hear it now? OWAP, bop-bop, mmm-bop!) I think it’s a brilliant way to encourage people to really get to know one pattern, instead of flitting from new thing to new thing… Especially since indie patterns often cost $15-20, it’s just not cost-effective to only make them once! Plus, with all the emphasis on making muslins and perfecting the fit that is in the blogosphere these days, it makes sense to make lots of versions once you’ve put all that time into customizing it!                                                                                                                                              

Since I’ve only made one skirt and 1.5 dresses in recent memory, I don’t have many patterns to choose from. I think the Sewaholic Pendrell would be a great versatile choice, but since I haven’t made one yet, it might be tough to have 2-3 versions ready by March 24! I’m really excited to make the Colette Truffle this month, but again, I’ll be lucky if I have one done by the deadline!                                                                                                                                              

Which leaves me with only one choice: the Colette Peony! 

I’ve got my wearable muslin in silvery-blue: 

Peony #1

And about 75% of a cotton floral version all sewn up: 

Peony Work-In-Progress: Floral

But I’d really like a third choice! Problem is, I’m more excited keep trying new patterns at this point (I know, I know, that’s against the whole point here!) So instead of making a whole third dress, I’m wondering about a refashion of a simple dress I cobbled together last year.

Tank Dress to Refashion

It’s just a gathered skirt sewn to a tank top, with a black elastic “belt”. Problem is, the skirt is unevenly gathered and just unflattering… and the elastic is too tight so I don’t wear it! I have a bit of the skirt fabric leftover, so I’m thinking that maybe I’ll pick it apart, and recut the skirt using the Peony pattern. I don’t knwo if I have enough fabric, but it’s worth a try! 

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