Covert Robin: Secret Santa for the Sewing Crowd!

One of my goals for 2012 was to get more involved in the sewing community online. To that end, I’ve joined the Colette Sewing Handbook Sew-Along… and now I”ve got a new project too! I’m so excited to join the Covert Robin Mystery Gift Exchange, hosted by Rachael from Imagine Gnats and some other lovely ladies.                                                                                                                                                     

the covert robin button

Basically, it’s a glorified Secret Santa exchange, without the Christmas theme! Last I heard, about 70 bloggers were participating. We’ve all been assigned a person to craft for – and we’ve got until the end of March to get it in the mail! Gifts are to be about $20-30 retail value… but ooh, it’s hard to stick to that!

The best part is secretly getting to know your new buddy by investigating their blog! Lurking with a purpose! It’s such a fun challenge to poke through old posts and try to imagine what they would love to receive. I’ve already got too many ideas… I’d better choose just one or two! 🙂 

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