Pattern Weights: Pretty, heavy, and so useful!                                                                  

I’d never even heard of pattern weights until this year – but wow, they make cutting out patterns so easy if you have a rotary cutter and a self-healing mat! Just lay out the fabric, put the pattern on top, and use the pattern weights to hold everything in place as you cut with the blade! I’d always wondered how people traced patterns without making all sorts of mistakes as the tracing paper and pattern tissue slide around… and these are clearly the answer. 

Until recently, I’d been using a collection of nails, jars, rolls of masking tape, and even some silver polish to weight down fabrics… but when my silver polish started leaking onto fabric, I knew it was time to upgrade! 

I’ve seen a few tutorials around, like Elizabeth Hartman’s 50 cent Pattern Weights at Oh Fransson, and these ribbon-wrapped washers at SewWhitney. I decided to go for a hybrid version: Basically, a beanbag filled with 6 heavy washers! I made 6 little beanbags, which seems to be enough to hold most patterns in place.

Better yet, with the help of these little babies, I made my first dress this week! A much altered Colette Peony… Pictures to follow eventually!

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