Blogging and Planning: Why I’m about to go all A-type on crafting!

get organized

As a teacher, I get all kinds of joy out of a well-laid plan, preferably colour-coded and arranged in pretty fonts! I love thinking through a unit or lesson, and figuring out how to make it work. As a crafter though, I’ve always thought that too much planning or organization would take the fun right out of it. Until now…

You see, I listened to a bunch of CraftyPod podcasts today, and “Sister” Diane really turned me around. The problem with blogging without a plan is that every post becomes about immediate things: What you did, what you made. That’s certainly true for me so far! She suggests that a bit of planning can help create a wider range of posts, including interviews, reviews, and tutorials! I think planning ahead would really help me with photography too – I might take pictures in the daytime AND remember to edit post them later! 

I’ve already got a few ideas for big posts over the next few months: 

  • reviewing some crafty books I’ve been reading
  • making one pattern many ways (Colette Peony, I’m looking at you!)
  • highlighting one craft material a month (felt, washi, etc), including an original tutorial
  • connecting with local crafters for interviews or discussions about modern crafting

In the mean time, I’ve made myself a monthly blog planning template. I’d love to offer a pdf version of it here, but I just can’t seem to figure out how! In the meantime, here are two versions I made:

Monthly Blog Planner Template 

Monthly blog planner floral

I think a daily or weekly planner would just overwhelm me right now, so I’m starting simple. If you’d like to use it, please step on over to my flickr page and grab a copy! 

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